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Cover of For the Love of Christmas

Book: For the Love of Christmas

By A.J. Marchant

Thea and Nat have lived together for a year, and have been best friends for many more. They do everything together. Including Christmas with each other’s families. If something was going to happen between them, it would have by now….

Cover of All She Wants

Book: All She Wants

By A.J. Marchant

After a bizarre run-in at the emergency room and a set-up at the local pub brings them together, Clare takes on the challenge to put a little festive spirit into Tilda’s life. Can Clare change Tilda’s mind? All She Wants…

Cover of Home For Christmas

Book: Home For Christmas

By A.J. Marchant

For the first time in ten years, Lucy is going home for Christmas… A corporate lawyer at a high-powered firm, Lucy’s days are spent fixing problems, brokering deals and making other people rich. Little does she know that going back…

Cover of The Heart of a Heist

Book: The Heart of a Heist

By A.J. Marchant

Wilde is a thief… Grace is a teacher… Will secrets tear them apart? It’s a boring day at Wilde’s cover job as a docent at the local museum. She fills the time with a little mischief… but it turns interesting…

Cover of Mine First

Book: Mine First

By A. J. Marchant

Lori is a university lecturer. Addy is a student. In her head, Lori knows better. But the pull between her and Addy isn’t something she finds easy to resist—despite her friend’s warning about Addy’s questionable past behaviour. After a fun…

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