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Cover of A New Beginning in Coventry Beach

Book: A New Beginning in Coventry Beach

By Darlene Duncan | Narrated by Darlene Duncan

Larissa Carpenter is the one of the richest women in the country. Eighteen months ago, her spouse, Rachel died of a brain aneurysm. Looking for a new beginning, she travels to the small town of Coventry Beach and moves into…

Cover of Annie on a Bun

Book: Annie on a Bun

By A.L. Duncan | Narrated by Tessa Stavers

Working as a barista in a busy downtown café, and as an accounting clerk for a quirky bookstore owner, Annie has her fair share of diverse characters that circle her wagon of life. It isn’t until she signs up with…

Cover of Her Christmas Escape

Book: Her Christmas Escape

By Frankie Duncan and Jo Cox

Lexie knows exactly how you feel. Convinced she’s worked through every available woman in the city of Jersey and not wanting to endure another ‘single’ Christmas, she hits on the perfect solution—a women loving women Christmas cruise. Days of unbridled…

Cover of First Comes Love

Book: First Comes Love

By Frankie Duncan

Brogan Mearns keeps her commitment for work, and everything else is strictly fun. She is used to calling the shots in her London life but a move to Scotland changes everything. When she meets a beautiful, younger woman, Libby, who…

Cover of Love in Action

Book: Love in Action

By Frankie Duncan

When Hollywood comes to Scotland, for the filming of a new epic tale of highland romance, the boundaries between reality and fairytale become blurred. It takes a brave heart to keep believing and this romantic comedy challenges you to find…

Cover of Halcyon Nights

Book: Halcyon Nights

By MJ Duncan

Emerson Riis has a job she loves, friends she considers family, and her goofy malamute Sasha for company. As far as she’s concerned, life in the small town of Mystic is pretty much perfect. Enter Mari Davenport, a Hollywood screenwriter…

Cover of Atramentum

Book: Atramentum

By MJ Duncan

Joss Perrault left Sky, Colorado after high school with no intention of ever returning, but all that changes when she inherits Atramentum. Burned out on public accounting after too many sixteen-hour days, the allure of operating a small, independent bookstore…

Cover of Symphony in Blue

Book: Symphony in Blue

By MJ Duncan

It was just supposed to be a working weekend in Maui and not anything remotely life-altering, but all that changes the moment Gwen Harrison holds a hotel elevator for Dana Ryan. Beautiful and charming, Dana is a breath of fresh…

Cover of Pas de Deux

Book: Pas de Deux

By MJ Duncan

Though she’s still struggling to put her personal life back together a year after leaving Los Angeles, Mallory Collingswood’s career is perfectly on track as she takes to the role of Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra like it’s her…

Cover of Champagne Kisses

Book: Champagne Kisses

By MJ Duncan

Flying solo at a wedding is the absolute last way Aubrey Gill wants to ring in the new year, so when she rolls into Whistler for the event, it’s with one goal in mind—survive the weekend. The Fates have other…