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Cover of Destruction to Devotion

Book: Destruction to Devotion

By Abigail Taylor

LGBTQ+ writer Abigail Taylor portrays a moving love story through heartfelt poetry as she describes a queer partner pulling away and betraying the other. Left heartbroken and struggling, the book describes an individual’s journey from vulnerability and isolation to the…

Cover of Seeking Redemption

Book: Seeking Redemption

By Abigail Taylor

…societal norms to find a place where their hearts can finally be free? From Bestselling Author, Abigail Taylor, Seeking Redemption is a riveting narrative of two women who dare to defy the odds to realize a destiny beyond what is…

Cover of Holiday Miss Match

Book: Holiday Miss Match

By Abigail Taylor

…navigate the unexpected journey of love, laughter, and rediscovering the magic of the season. Could Sabrina’s own love story turn out to be the most heartwarming match she’s ever made? Find out in best-selling author Abigail Taylor’s Holiday Miss Match….

Cover of Coming Home

Book: Coming Home


When Samantha Markson, Ordinary Person, is thrust into the life of Abigail Taylor, Not At All Ordinary Person, it proves to be an experience like she’s never had before. World famous actress, Abigail Taylor, is in Melbourne filming her new…

Cover of Chasing Life

Book: Chasing Life

By Abigail Taylor

Watching roommate Shay find her dream girl is a double gift for Jessie. Not only has adorable Shay found her soulmate, but Jessie has found a true friend in Shay’s girlfriend’s younger sister, Jazz. As one couple explores new love,…

Cover of My Gift to You

Book: My Gift to You

By Abigail Taylor

The holiday season is here, and as a single tomboy lesbian with less than supportive adoptive parents, Ashton isn’t feeling the festive spirit. Christmas is Willow’s favorite holiday, and she loves spending it with her mom, who is great fun….

Cover of She's Home

Book: She's Home

By Abigail Taylor

A face from the past sparks an exciting new adventure at the most unexpected time… When Paige is blindsided by her long-time girlfriend, she finds herself completely lost. Getting over heartbreak is never easy, but with the help of her…

Cover of She Keeps Me Warm

Book: She Keeps Me Warm

By Abigail Taylor

The much-awaited sequel to No One Compares to Her has arrived, and it’s time to catch up on Rory and Hazel’s red-hot, second-chance love story. Back together, after years apart, they are having the time of their lives in their…

Cover of Unwrap Me

Book: Unwrap Me

By Abigail Taylor

Ashton and Willow have been engaged for over a year, but their wedding has been pushed to the back burner as life becomes too busy. Willow has been focused on growing her candle and soap company, and Ashton has been…

Cover of I Need Her Love

Book: I Need Her Love

By Abigail Taylor

Rose and Suze are tattoo artists, and their studio, Blackheart Inc, means everything to them. Married for years, they love and understand each other and enjoy a happy life together. But Rose is hiding a dark secret from her past…