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Author Interview: Adrian Page Chats about Woven

Get ready to learn more about the book Woven in this discussion with sapphic author Adrian Page. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Adrian Page about Woven, writing, reading, and more. This book is…

All About Woven by Adrian Page

All About: Woven by Adrian Page

Woven by Adrian Page Released: February 14, 2023 Genre: Literary Fiction Why this book and why now? This book was just one I couldn’t get out of my head! The plot shifted as it came into focus, but the core…

Cover of unraveled

Book: unraveled

By Adrian Page

What happens when you take care of everyone else, and neglect to care for yourself? When Ruth Penn’s carefully crafted stability comes crashing down around her, she doesn’t just find herself at rock bottom; she’s checked into a locked psychiatric…

Cover of Tautened

Book: tautened

By Adrian Page

“People who were meant to be together were connected by this thread. Maybe that’s why you feel drawn to her. Maybe you guys have that thread.” When Sophia, a timid young woman who grew up intensely sheltered following the death…

Cover of Knotted

Book: knotted

By Adrian Page

What does your past mean for your present? Are some wounds too deep, too ancient, to ever heal? Nes Macnamera’s life is quiet, and it is consistent. Ever since her mother disappeared when she was a child, she has lived…

Cover of woven

Book: woven

By Adrian Page

When August Wisteria wakes up to her wife, Clara, missing without a trace, the world as she knows it is flipped upside down. Suddenly thrown into single motherhood, she struggles to balance the life she lives now with the life…

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…is ultimately included in a reading challenge or not, gets a permanent entry in the BookFinder and its own dedicated page on our site. For free! Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to get so…