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Cover of Ride for Tomorrow

Book: Ride for Tomorrow

By Alex Westmore

First there was the outbreak… As the virus sweeps across the United States claiming more and more victims, butch firefighter Dallas was sure death was coming for her, too. Only it never did. Of course, that doesn’t mean its deranged,…

Cover of Pirate's Booty

Book: Pirate's Booty

By Alex Westmore

Quinn soon finds there is much to enjoy living as a man, in particular the company of other women. When she finds herself falling hard for Lady Fiona, a woman far above her own station, she is torn between revealing…

Cover of Shiver Her Timbers

Book: Shiver Her Timbers

By Alex Westmore

Now Quinn must choose between continuing her high seas adventure or revealing a truth that could very well destroy both of her double lives and both of the women she’d give anything to protect. Is Quinn the woman she always…

Cover of Fire in the Hole

Book: Fire in the Hole

By Alex Westmore

Those were the last words Quinn Gallagher heard before her mighty ship sunk beneath the waves. Now she’s adrift in more ways than one as she attempts to flee from all those who would push her under… underground, underwater, and…

Cover of Cutthroat Crusades

Book: Cutthroat Crusades

By Alex Westmore

The unspeakable things she’s had to do just to survive now lead her to turn her back to the sea as part of a quest to find who she truly is. Her former crew, however, refuses to let her abandon…

Cover of Dead Man's Chest

Book: Dead Man's Chest

By Alex Westmore

Heading to the New World to bring a mysterious box to Lady Killigrew’s sister, Quinn and her pirate shipmates face dangers unlike any they have ever encountered. The journey alone is fraught with perils, but what they find when they…

Cover of X Marks The Spot

Book: X Marks The Spot

By Alex Westmore

The most powerful women in the known world have banded together and they need Quinn’s special talents as a pirate to help. The problem is… the woman who needs her help the most is the greatest enemy to Ireland: Queen…