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Cover of Graffiti Red Murder

Book: Graffiti Red Murder

By Alexi Venice

A full-length STANDALONE crime thriller from award-winning author Alexi Venice. Recharged from a romantic spring break, Attorney Monica Spade is hired to represent a plastic surgeon whose patients are being murdered and spray-painted with a sinister message. An impending deadline…

Cover of Bourbon Chase

Book: Bourbon Chase

By Alexi Venice

Alexi Venice’s San Francisco Mystery Series is a crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among Dr. Jen Dawson, Detective Tommy Vietti and District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne. Jen Dawson is a rising star in the emergency room….

All About Lady Hawthorne

All About: Lady Hawthorne by Alexi Venice

Lady Hawthorne by Alexi Venice Released: December 26, 202 Genre: Thriller Why this book and why now? This is a continuation of the adventures of DA Amanda Hawthorne, her fiancée Dr. Jen Dawson, and her colleague Detective Tommy Vietti. I…

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Cover of Lady Hawthorne

Book: Lady Hawthorne

By Alexi Venice

Fallout from Dr. Jen Dawson’s sexcapade with Victoria Marshall results in a bloody gash to Tommy Vietti’s head. Dr. Jen and Amanda Hawthorne take Tommy to the hospital where his wound is repaired with staples, but their relationship remains frayed….

Cover of Standby Counsel

Book: Standby Counsel

By Alexi Venice

Monica Spade insists she isn’t a trial lawyer, much less one who represents dangerous criminals. Despite her protests, Judge O’Brien orders Monica to serve as standby counsel for a young woman accused of repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend. Setting aside her…

Cover of Sativa Strain

Book: Sativa Strain

By Alexi Venice

In Sativa Strain, Amanda carries with her the quiet confidence of a yogi, the unrelenting burden of a prosecutor, and the demons that torture the corners of her soul. Newly re-elected as San Francisco’s DA, Amanda faces her biggest internal…

Cover of SandyBottom

Book: #SandyBottom

By Alexi Venice

District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne has no one to blame but herself when a hookup selfie with an old flame is published, jeopardizing Amanda’s engagement to Dr. Jen Dawson. Humiliated and furious, Jen leaves on a vacation. Surrounded by her family…

Cover of Amanda's Dragonfly

Book: Amanda's Dragonfly

By Alexi Venice

Amanda Hawthorne is a powerful District Attorney in San Francisco, defined by her beauty, intellect and an unwavering sense of justice. While she is renowned for prosecuting murder cases, when a war erupts between the DA’s Office and the Italian…

Cover of Conscious Bias

Book: Conscious Bias

By Alexi Venice

Trevor McKnight, a young, white male, is charged with the murder of Abdul Seif, a Saudi Arabian foreign exchange student. Attorney Monica Spade’s physician clients plan to testify at trial that Trevor’s punch to Abdul’s head killed him. Monica is…