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Cover of The Settlement

Book: The Settlement

By Ali Spooner

…in Alabama. The outpouring of love and friendship helps her on her path to healing and learning to trust her heart to love once again. Join bestselling author Ali Spooner on this sensational journey that ends with a heartwarming romance….

Cover of Free To Love

Book: Free To Love

By Annette Mori and Ali Spooner

Two interconnecting stories filled with passion, angst and love with a background of the tropics and Pirates. The Chandler’s Daughter by Ali Spooner Captain Hillary Blythe loves sailing the Atlantic Coast on her journeys to deliver goods. Appalled by the…

Cover of Terminal Event

Book: Terminal Event

By Ali Spooner

Tally Rainwater was born with the gift of second sight, something she never understood. A near-fatal accident, at age twelve, makes her visions clearer, but not the reason for them. As she matures, Lisa, a spirit, enters her visions to…

Cover of The Ghost of East Texas

Book: The Ghost of East Texas

By Ali Spooner

Agent Blair Cooper and her partner psychic Tally Rainwater (Terminal Event) are back in a gripping new murder mystery investigation. When the serial killer Casper Caruso, known as The Ghost of East Texas, was sent to death row, Agent Blair…

Cover of Cowgirl Up

Book: Cowgirl Up

By Ali Spooner

When the new ranch hand, Coal Bryan, arrives at the MC2, the last thing she’s looking for is love. Her co-workers are surprised when Coal turns out to be female. Coal, used to the reaction, quickly earns the respect of…

Cover of Back in the Saddle

Book: Back in the Saddle

By Ali Spooner

The crew from Cowgirl Up are back in the saddle for more fun. In their new adventure, Coal, Stormy, and Gene get the chance to be part of something they have always dreamed of—a cattle drive. The beautiful scenery of…

Cover of Soul on Fire

Book: Soul on Fire

By Ali Spooner | Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer

A perfect summer ends with danger on the Appalachian Trail for Whit, Mitch and Brad. Once safely home, the relationship between Eli and Whit continues to strengthen as the boys return home and they grow as a couple. Eli falls…

Cover of The Star Child

Book: The Star Child

By Ali Spooner | Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer

Eli and Whit are enjoying their life together on the mountain when Whit is called into action for a secret mission at the Pentagon. While she is gone, the Cast Iron Farm comes to life, literally, when Eli discovers a…

Cover of The Mountain Whispers

Book: The Mountain Whispers

By Ali Spooner | Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer

Arriving home and discovering the betrayal by her best friend and lover, Eli Fortner leaves to run off her anger and hurt. A chance stop at a convenience store and the purchase of lottery tickets, sends Eli’s life into a…

Cover of The Trophy Wives Club

Book: The Trophy Wives Club

By Ali Spooner | Narrated by Desarae Holland

An elite businesswoman decides it’s time to stack the deck in favor of the fairer sex, and once she sets her mind to something, it’s as good as done. She offers under-appreciated professional women an opportunity of a lifetime with…