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Cover of The Pull of the Tide

Book: The Pull of the Tide

By Erin Branch

…and identity-inclusive sapphic collection features ten pearl-sized ocean-themed stories of love and adventure on the high seas. Stories by SD Simper, Elliot Ason, Erin Branch, Ali Williams, Aoibh Wood, Theresa Tyree, Rosemarie Dillon, Erin Casey, Julie Brydon, and Evelyn Shine…

Cover of Value in Visions

Book: Value in Visions

By Ali Williams

When librarian Rina Baroni’s brother is kidnapped by a warrior Goddess, all because she won’t use her new oracle abilities, she turns to the one woman she’s been drawn to since magic returned to the hills of the South Downs:…

Cover of Kink the Halls

Book: Kink the Halls

By Ali Williams and Ellie Rose

Wendy Green was the last person Riley expected to walk through the doors of her kink club, but her ex girlfriend’s mum is newly divorced and looking for a Domme to submit to. And as the night progresses, Riley realises…