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Cover of Devoted

Book: Devoted

By Alison R. Solomon

…“If you liked Alison R. Solomon’s previous book, “Along Came the Rain,” then you will love “Devoted.” The story hooks you from the very first chapter and you won’t be able to put it down until you finish. One interesting…

Cover of Timing Is Everything

Book: Timing Is Everything

By Alison R. Solomon | Narrated by Alison R. Solomon

A hit-and-run. A terrified suspect. A woman caught between her friend and her lover. Kat Ayalon will fight tooth and nail to find the driver who smashed into her friend Wynn and then fled. She’ll also do whatever it takes…

Cover of Before She Left

Book: Before She Left

By Alison R. Solomon | Narrated by Alison R. Solomon

A MISSING GIRLFRIEND. ABANDONED SPOUSES. A DETECTIVE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO INVESTIGATE. Ella Jay has vanished without a trace. Her passionate, strong-willed fiancée, Breezy Carmichael, is terrified that something sinister has happened to her. The detective assigned to the case…

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Cover of Along Came the Rain

Book: Along Came the Rain

By Alison R. Solomon

Wynn Larimer has a terrible memory but doesn’t believe she could have abducted two teenagers even though the police say they have irrefutable evidence that she did. Her partner Barker, is desperate to help Wynn, but she’s caught in the…