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Cover of Red Bush and Lemon

Book: Red Bush and Lemon

By Alysia D Evans

What do you do when life has got on top of you? When you need to find yourself? Lucy decided the answer was to disappear into another world. She expected her exciting holiday in Botswana would expand her knowledge, observe…

Cover of Red Mist and Solace

Book: Red Mist and Solace

By Alysia D Evans

Lucy fell in love, and survived a potential break-up with Jaz. Now she is on the verge of marrying the woman who invited her into her family, and freed her from a vindictive husband. The only event which could improve…

Cover of Red Wine and Mint Cake

Book: Red Wine and Mint Cake

By Alysia D Evans

It had only taken Lucy two weeks to fall in love with Jaz. She had shown Lucy what love truly was and saved her from an abusive husband. But living away from her home town is making Lucy feel insecure….

Cover of Queen Vs Queen

Book: Queen Vs Queen

By Anne Hagan and Barbara Winkes, Alysia D. Evans

…they must choose whether they want to be enemies or allies in a cutthroat world, and if there’s a future for them beyond another chance meeting. *** Adrenaline Kisses by Alysia D. Evans When insubordinate Meryl and uptight Polly meet…