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All About A Dance Towards Forever

All About: A Dance Towards Forever by Alyson Root

A Dance Towards Forever by Alyson Root Released: November 1, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I always wanted to write, but never had the courage to actually put anything down on paper. When I met…

Cover of A Dance Towards Forever

Book: A Dance Towards Forever

By Alyson Root

A lesbian romance of second chance love. There are three things that Sam Chambers knows to be fact. One, her heart is broken, two, her career is sinking, and three, she hasn’t a clue how to turn any of it…

Cover of Diving Into Her

Book: Diving Into Her

By Alyson Root

Kim Richmond is a 5’5” sassy blonde bombshell with a love of vintage dresses and killer heels. She is also a woman on the edge of losing her mind after her boyfriend cancels their holiday again. Accepting a two-week trip…

Cover of Always Emilie

Book: Always Emilie

By Alyson Root

Charlie Baxter has it all. A beautiful house, successful company and a set of tattoos that light women on fire at the mere sight of them. Not to mention, she’s tall and gorgeous! Life is good… Well, that is until…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

The new year is on the horizon, and one of the biggest events on I Heart SapphFic will be the 2023 Reading Challenge. This year there will be 100 categories spanning everything from genres and subgenres to character archetypes, settings,…