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Sew Into You

All About: Sew Into You by Amity Malcom

Sew Into You by Amity Malcom Released: Jun 05, 2023 Genre: Romantic Comedy Why this book and why now? As a queer individual living in the state of Florida, my rights are under attack more and more each day. Sew…

Cover of Sew Into You

Book: Sew Into You

By Amity Malcom

Imogen: I never expected the person I would fall in love with at the young age of seven would be my best friend, let alone another female. Yet as our friendship flourished over the years, I found myself drawn to…

Cover of Knotty Valentine

Book: Knotty Valentine

By Amity Malcom | Narrated by Rachael Windsor

With a name like Valentine Love and a birthday that falls on the most romantic night of the year, you would think that I’m all about true love, long-stemmed roses, and delicious chocolate covered strawberries. You’d be wrong. By day,…

Cover of All I Want For Christmas Is Two

Book: All I Want For Christmas Is Two

By Amity Malcom

Silent Night. That’s what I expect to find when I push open the door to the cabin my family rented for an extended holiday celebration. In fact, it’s the entire reason I showed up a few days early–knowing silence is…