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Cover of Building the Family

Book: Building the Family

By Amy DeMeritt

Can one wild weekend really be more than just a fun time? Can it lead to a loving and lasting relationship? When Kayla starts college in love with one girl she’s never been able to have a relationship with, and…

Cover of Managed by Chance

Book: Managed by Chance

By Amy DeMeritt

Best friends and long-term roommates, Mel and Layla would do anything for each other and they always have the other’s best interests at heart. Most of the time, they love each other for it, but when Layla reminds Mel that…

Cover of A Love to Stay For

Book: A Love to Stay For

By Amy DeMeritt

Joyce Peterson is an international bestselling historical fiction author, who’s often accused by her friends as being a workaholic. Joyce knows finding a balance between work and leisure helps feed her creativity and ensures steady productivity. However, she is stubborn…

Cover of All In

Book: All In

By Amy DeMeritt

She’ll risk her life to save anyone, even a tiny kitten. She has a crew that trusts and adores her. A best friend who loves her above everyone else. But what she doesn’t have is someone who will be All…

Cover of Black-Bloods and Vampire Keepers

Book: Black-Bloods and Vampire Keepers

By Amy DeMeritt

Sabine didn’t choose her immortality. She had it brutally forced upon her nearly two-hundred years ago. She was ripped out of her happy, peaceful life, and turned into a bloodthirsty assassin. Life in a vampire coven is designed to shred…

Cover of I am Stone

Book: I am Stone

By Amy DeMeritt

Especially, after being placed under the care of Harley and Francis Carlton, a couple with no children of their own and who treat Dylan more like a servant and a punching bag than a child. For over seven years, their…

Cover of Love Set in Granite

Book: Love Set in Granite

By Amy DeMeritt

Sidney – Sid – Taranto had planned on never returning to the small town of her youth – Granite, Pennsylvania, a never-heard-of town with a heart just as hard as its name. But after her mother passes away, and after…

Cover of My Mimosa Pudica

Book: My Mimosa Pudica

By Amy DeMeritt

Love and marriage are leaps of faith with no guarantee that either will last or that the journey will meet one’s hopes and expectations. Nina Nielsen and her best friends know that all too well and all of them have…

Cover of I Knew I Loved You

Book: I Knew I Loved You

By Amy DeMeritt

Dani is an introvert and has more walls than a Roman fortress. Her – gorgeous – best friend, Taylor, is an extrovert and one of only two people who’s ever been allowed inside Dani’s walls. They’ve been best friends for…

Cover of Rogues, Purebreds, and Watchers

Book: Rogues, Purebreds, and Watchers

By Amy DeMeritt

On the night of Elena and her initiation into Hawthorn — the most powerful vampire organization in the world — Sabine granted the request of the leaders to steal the memories of Ivory, an ancient vampire connected to an appalling…