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Cover of I Am a Woman

Book: I Am a Woman

By Ann Bannon | Narrated by Kate Rudd

It follows Laura, a young woman who moves to Greenwich Village and grapples with her recently discovered identity as a lesbian. Ann Bannon, the author of I Am a Woman, did not live the free-spirited Greenwich Village life of her…

Cover of Odd Girl Out

Book: Odd Girl Out

By Ann Bannon | Narrated by Kate Rudd

With Odd Girl Out, Bannon introduces Laura Landon, whose love affair with her college roommate Beth launched the lesbian pulp fiction genre.

Cover of Women in the Shadows

Book: Women in the Shadows

By Ann Bannon | Narrated by Kate Rudd

…in the cultural tumult (gay bar raids, heavy drinking, gay rights advocacy) that anticipates by ten years the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969. New introduction explains the book’s evolution, including the role Bannon’s divorce played in shaping the lesbian protagonist’s outrage….

Cover of Shimmer & Other Stories

Book: Shimmer & Other Stories

By Lori L. Lake

…her skills to work in the service of her engaging stories. These tales are bubbling with the energy of real people wrestling with their devils, facing up to their own errors, and discovering their true worth.” ~Ann Bannon, author of…

Cover of Stepping Out

Book: Stepping Out

By Lori L. Lake

…confident author. Readers can relax, knowing they will be carried along by a born story teller.” ~Ann Bannon, author of the ground-breaking Beebo Brinker Chronicles In these fourteen short stories, Lori L. Lake captures how change and loss influence the…

Cover of Journey to a Woman

Book: Journey to a Woman

By Ann Bannon | Narrated by Kate Rudd

Following the release of Cleis Press’s new editions of Beebo Brinker and Odd Girl Out, Journey to a Woman finds Laura in love amidst the lesbian bohemia of Greenwich Village. This fifth in Cleis Press’s series of rereleased lesbian pulp…