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Author Interview: Janet Mason Chats about Loving Artemis

…cat, named Artemis, in our backyard and I thought Artemis had brought me luck in finding the publisher, so the name change was fine with me. How much research did you need to do for Loving Artemis? I did a…

Cover of A New Year

Book: A New Year

By Artemis Glass

When Audrina attends a New Year’s Eve party, she doesn’t expect to kiss anyone. That is until Audrina meets Gayane and somehow, they kiss under the fairy lights in the magical L.A. garden. Later, when she tells Sol she kissed…

Cover of The Paradox of Love and Death

Book: The Paradox of Love and Death

By Artemis Glass

Funeral crashing has been the best way for Noemi Moretti to release her pent-up emotions after the death of her parents. But on the anniversary of their passing, she meets Amara Forsythe, a beautiful UCLA student mourning her grandmother. Fate…

Cover of Valentines

Book: Valentines

By Artemis Glass

Audrina wants to celebrate her first polyamorous Valentine’s Day in a special way, but she doesn’t know how that will look. Her girlfriend, Gayane doesn’t care about the holiday, but Audrina does – plus she already has plans with Sol,…