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Cover of Stalk Her Much

Book: Stalk Her Much

By Aunt Georgia Lee

…the mighty big black wolf! Does that sound like a room you’d like to visit, or a story you’d like to read? Then don’t fret, just enjoy Stalk Her, Much? by Aunt Georgia Lee, and your wishes will come true….

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…& Found by Elle Hyden Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Farmhand Desire by Riley Rose Cursed Hearts by C. L. Cattano Eritis Mea by Anna Ferrara The Bad Girls by Aunt Georgia Lee The Lady of Souls by Jenn Gott Fur and…

Cover of They Call Me Dr. Feelgoode

Book: They Call Me Dr. Feelgoode

By Aunt Georgia Lee

Neyah West denounced sex five years ago with no vision of ever finding love again. As a successful co-owner of a female cybersecurity software firm in Atlanta, Georgia, Neyah doesn’t need a woman to shake things up. Well, that is…

Cover of Old School Lovin'

Book: Old School Lovin'

By Aunt Georgia Lee

In Old School Lovin’ we are introduced to Yvette Leigh-Dixon, a widow on the cusp of her 60th birthday. As she journeys into this new birth year in the company of her daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Yvette embraces aging like the…

Cover of Caught Up and Strapped Up

Book: Caught Up and Strapped Up

By Aunt Georgia Lee

“Sometimes I Feel Like a Top, Sometimes I Don’t.” Whitney James is a 34-year old millennial who loves femme on femme action. Although she wears dresses well, Whitney also enjoys wearing the pants and the strap-on in her relationships. Caught…

Cover of The Bad Girls

Book: The Bad Girls

By Aunt Georgia Lee

The Bad Girls, is an erotic Halloween tale of two lovers who are in for a treat of unmeasurable pleasures on Hallow’s Eve night. But is it real or just a dream? By the end of this story, readers will…

Cover of Hot for teacher

Book: Hot For Teacher

By Aunt Georgia Lee

The teacher’s pet is a role we have all played at one time, even if it were only in our dreams. The infatuation one has for a mature, authority figure in the form of a classroom teacher makes for the…

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Spotlight on Aunt Georgia Lee!

…for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on Aunt Georgia Lee! Aunt Georgia Lee is a Black lesbian author and southern Georgia peach with a flair for drama and romance, penning fantasies for your reading pleasure….

All About Black Queen by Aunt Georgia Lee

All About: Old School Lovin' by Aunt Georgia Lee

Old School Lovin’ by Aunt Georgia Lee Released: Dec 06, 2022 Genre: Romance: Erotic / Erotica Why this book and why now? This book was originally created to showcase a mature lesbian lead within a series that pay homage to…