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Cover of Teaching Hope

Book: Teaching Hope

By Sienna Waters

…in a new neighbor, who hates Hope’s cat, and things couldn’t get much worse. But when a miscommunication results in child-allergic Ava teaching six-year-olds, it soon becomes clear that the only thing standing between her and disaster is Hope. And…

Cover of Bound Hearts

Book: Bound Hearts

By Sienna Harper and Alexa Woods

…Olivia encounters her stunning new client, Hope, for the first time, her unwavering standards waver. Young, married, and straight, Hope Briggs was molded into the ideal wife and mother. She focused solely on loving her husband Daniel and yearning for…

Cover of Nurturing Hope

Book: Nurturing Hope

By Kara Ripley

…life. The blind date is every bit as terrible as predicted. So why can’t Desi stop thinking about Soledad Reyes? If Desi has any hope of finding balance in life, she must help Hope confront the ghosts of her past,…

Cover of Keeping Hope

Book: Keeping Hope

By Kim Pritekel

Twenty-four-year-old Hope DeSilva has been released from a three-year stint in a Georgia prison. After returning to her family property in a tiny Georgia town, she decides she’s had enough of the poverty, violence, and profound family dysfunction. It’s time…

Cpver pf Catch and Cradle

Book: Catch and Cradle

By Katia Rose | Narrated by Sophie Daniels

…for any distractions from the game. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Hope Hastings has been since the day she showed up for tryouts: one walking, talking, charismatically dorky and way-too-kissable distraction. Hope knew she was headed straight to the danger zone…

Cover of The Love Project

Book: The Love Project

By T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod | Narrated by Lori Prince

…her mother’s legacy is The Love Project, a web series she’s developing to bring the Help Me Henrietta franchise alive for a new generation. All she needs is a willing victim…er, star. Hope Alvarez dreams of falling in love, but…

Cover of I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You

Book: I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You

By Harper Bliss

…up. Can she and Dakota turn their undeniable connection into something more, or will their different backgrounds and painful past experiences get in the way? I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You is a tender yet steamy…

Cover of Heart Trouble

Book: Heart Trouble

By Jae | Narrated by Abigail Rakocy

…trouble, Hope saves her life. Afterwards, strange things begin to occur: Why does Laleh suddenly know even the most obscure diseases, while Hope is fluent in Farsi? Soon, they can no longer deny that there’s a mysterious connection between them—one…

Cover of Claire of Katera

Book: Claire of Katera

By J.D Evergreen

…hold her in their clutches. Imprisoned and yearning for a better world, Claire’s path intersects with the intriguing Melton, whose mesmerizing stories ignite a flicker of hope within her. Fuelled by the desire to break free from the tyrannical reign…

Cover of Hope's Path

Book: Hope's Path

By Carrie L. Carr

Rancher Lex Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have settled into life together on the Rocking W Ranch. Unfortunately, someone is determined to break them apart – one way or another. After the ranch is vandalized and Lex is attacked, their…