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Cover of Birthright

Book: Birthright

By L. Fergus | Narrated by Mary L. Phillips

In a primitive world of kill or be killed, the fallen angel Kita is the only force standing between the people of The Mass and a 5000-year-old evil. But this world is home to more than Humans. Monsters, dinosaurs, AIs,…

Cover of Murder at Leisure Lakes

Book: Murder at Leisure Lakes

By BJ Phillips

Rita Grayson is dead, and no one is sorry she’s gone. When the body of the woman they all love to hate is found in the water at Leisure Lakes, everyone is a suspect−including Rita’s Husband and George, the beloved…

Cover of Changing Seasons

Book: Changing Seasons

By BJ Phillips

In Book 3 of the Seasons Series, there’s trouble in paradise. Kelly Bradley and Andi Wainwright live together in Florida but haven’t yet said those three little words to each other. Andi’s aunt, Elise Wainwright, and Kelly’s friend, Lauren Prescott,…

Cover of Snowbird Season

Book: Snowbird Season

By BJ Phillips

In this sequel to Hurricane Season, Kelly Bradley is nearing forty and feels destined to always be alone. When she takes on a job building a wall of custom bookcases for a wealthy Snowbird from New York City, Elise Wainwright,…

Cover of Hurricane Season

Book: Hurricane Season

By BJ Phillips

Shawn Richards (aka S.K. Richardson) is a romance author. She’s had her heart broken badly again and is done with love. Ditching San Francisco, she moves back home to Southwest Florida to get her feet back under her and finish…

Cover of Dark Justice 3

Book: Dark Justice: Buried Secrets

By Erin Wade

#1 Bestselling Lesbian author Erin Wade takes her reader on a rollercoaster ride in this third book of the “Dark Justice” series. Dr. Renee Phillips is convinced that Cleopatra, the last of Egypt’s Pharaohs was spirited away from Egypt and…

Cover of Starting Over

Book: Starting Over

By Nance Sparks

Sam Phillips is going through the motions. She was happily married for thirty-four years when a car accident stole her wife and destroyed her perfectly planned future. Now, it’s all she can do to exist day by day. The one…

Cover of I Can't Dance Alone

Book: I Can't Dance Alone

By Maggie Brown

When Sarah Phillips lands on top of Harriett Roberts in an overturned car it’s not an ideal first meeting. The overwhelming confusion she feels threatens her plans for a fresh start as a doctor in the Australian Outback. Veterinarian Harry…

Cover of Moving Hearts

Book: Moving Hearts

By Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

When Lenny Phillips decides to help her sister move into a new neighborhood, she never expects to come face to face with big screen star, Alexia Black. After finding out Alexia and her have more in common than she originally…

Cover of The Devil's Orchard

Book: The Devil's Orchard

By Ali Vali | Narrated by Paige McKinney

…Shelby Phillips’s betrayal. But nothing can distract her from hunting Juan Luis down to make him pay for trying to take Emma from her. That is the most pressing problem to be dealt with before she can truly enjoy the…