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Cover of Autumn Leaves

Book: Autumn Leaves

By Barbara Winkes

…big city and finish her latest book in peace, but life in the small town comes with unexpected temptation and danger… Barbara Winkes’ debut novel Autumn Leaves, first published in 2012, is a small-town, toaster-oven romance with plenty of suspense…

Cover of Incidents

Book: Incidents

By Barbara Winkes

…on the sidelines, this temporary assignment proves to be difficult. More than ever, they have to rely on the strength of their relationship to meet the challenges ahead… “Each of the books reads easily and is well paced. Winkes has…

Cover of Romance Springs Eternal

Book: Romance Springs Eternal

By Anne Hagan

Includes stories by Selina Shaw, Barbara Winkes, Carol Anne Douglas, Anne Hagan, Edale Lane From rekindling long-simmering desires and confronting painful pasts to finding the courage to embrace new love, “Romance Springs Eternal” celebrates the many forms that passion can…

Cover of Illusions

Book: Illusions

By Barbara Winkes

A predator becomes the victim of a homicide…Did vigilante justice end his life, or is the truth more sinister? Back at work after a forced leave of absence, Jordan feels like she has a lot to prove: To Ellie, their…

Cover of Amber Alert

Book: Amber Alert

By Barbara Winkes

The most shocking case of her career: When her niece Rosie is taken from the playground, Major Crimes detective Ann McCoy investigates alongside of Special Agent Cal Davis. Chrissie and Rachel, Rosie’s parents, are desperate for answers, but they aren’t…

Cover of Infractions

Book: Infractions

By Barbara Winkes

Jordan and Ellie’s weekend getaway with friends is harshly interrupted when a desperate man asks for help after his girlfriend is hurt. He soon gives them reason to doubt his story, leaving them to question whether the woman’s death is…

Cover of Implications

Book: Implications

By Barbara Winkes

Did George Wilder die in prison serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit? A reporter asks Ellie on behalf of Wilder’s family to look into the decades old murder. When initial inquiries raise doubts about Wilder’s guilt,…

Cover of Impressions

Book: Impressions

By Barbara Winkes

Detective Ellie Harding has everything she wanted: After getting promoted and marrying the love of her life, she is working on a high profile case. None of it could prepare her for a life-changing surprise. Jordan and Derek are investigating…

Cover of Intentions

Book: Intentions

By Barbara Winkes

Jordan and Ellie are moving forward with their plans to get a home together, though not everything happens as intended… Ellie’s career isn’t accelerating as much as she had hoped. Jordan deals with the puzzling murder case of a college…

Cover of Destination Christmas, Next Stop Love

Book: Destination Christmas, Next Stop Love

By Barbara Winkes

After a series of disheartening experiences, actress Sabrina Russell decides to return to her hometown of Boxwood for Christmas. She hopes to buy the house she grew up in and find comfort in childhood memories. Sabrina soon must realize that…