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Cover of The Lone Star Collection II

Book: The Lone Star Collection II

By Affinity Rainbow Publications Anthology

Ann Wright. In The Devil’s Backbone, Lacey L. Schmidt spins a thriller about overcoming evil and personal loss. MJ Williamz explores dark passion in Take Me All the Way. Del Robertson offers Return to Me a classic pirate story, and…

Cover of The Mage and the Monster

Book: The Mage and the Monster

By Barbara Ann Wright

Gisele del Amanecer’s days look the same from the outside: work, home, and the occasional one-night stand that she hides from her nosy older sisters. But Gisele is a mage, and that means pain invisible to outside eyes. Each act…

Cover of Coils

Book: Coils

By Barbara Ann Wright

Cressida loves Greek mythology, tales of gods and monsters, but she knows they aren’t real no matter how awesome it would be to meet the beautiful women of myth. When her aunt June disappears, Cressida realizes the other members of…

Cover of Widows of the Sun-Moon

Book: Widows of the Sun-Moon

By Barbara Ann Wright

Naos is bored. Alone in space, life should be idyllic. No more random thoughts intruding on her brain; no bodies clogging her senses. But what is there to do besides stare at the planet below and wonder what it would…

Cover of Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory

Book: Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory

By Barbara Ann Wright

Like heroes from an ancient tale, Aesa and Maeve plan to raid foreign shores, claiming gold and glory for their homeland. Young and in love, neither considers what will happen if one is chosen to be a warrior and the…

Cover of The Fiend Queen

Book: The Fiend Queen

By Barbara Ann Wright

Within the walls of her palace, Princess Katya’s best friend lies at her feet, close to death. Her pyradisté is overwhelmed by some mysterious power, and her former lady-in-waiting has stabbed her in the back. Wounded and nearly alone, Katya…

Cover of A Kingdom Lost

Book: A Kingdom Lost

By Barbara Ann Wright

Princess Katya Nar Umbriel has little left to lose. Her uncle Roland took her home, scattered her family, and forced her to abandon Starbride, her dearest love. Slim hopes and righteous anger carry Katya into Starbride’s homeland to raise an…

Cover of For Want of a Fiend

Book: For Want of a Fiend

By Barbara Ann Wright

Princess Katya Nar Umbriel’s uncle Roland rose from the grave, kidnapped her cousin, and stripped her of her greatest weapon—her Fiendish power. Without her Fiend, Katya doubts her ability to weather the storm her uncle is brewing. When she lacks…

Cover for The Scout and the Scoundrel

Book: The Scout and the Scoundrel

By Barbara Ann Wright

Zara del Amanecer’s purpose in life is to do her duty, whether as a noble or a scout. She never shirks her responsibilities, especially with missions as simple as this one: to reconnoiter the border with the Firellian Empire and…

Cover of The Noble and the Nightingale

Book: The Noble and the Nightingale

By Barbara Ann Wright

Adella del Amanecer is from a noble family whose pride comes from dedication to the kingdom of Sarras. She works long hours as a diplomat and barely has time for her sisters, let alone romance, a fact that makes her…