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Cover of Limbo

Book: Limbo

By Barbara Valletto

The “Maya Holworth Trilogy” continues one year later. While investigating a lead on a missing person’s case, former Sheriff now turned Detective Lea Carlson collapses on a New York City subway platform and lapses into an unexplained coma. Alerted to…

Cover of Diver Blues

Book: Diver Blues

By Barbara Valletto

After a tragic event involving a student drowning, Dive Master Jaime Forest sails from the Florida Keys northward on a soul-searching mission. Midway through her voyage, Jaime finds herself face to face with another crisis. A baby seal, ensnared in…

Cover of Everlong

Book: Everlong

By Barbara Valletto

Left with unresolved feelings over Maya Holworth’s mysterious abandonment, Kylie Vinson returns to New York and becomes obsessed with delving into psychic phenomena. She is drawn to Sophie Brighton, who is experiencing a recurrent nightmare where a faceless woman is…

Cover of Pulse Points

Book: Pulse Points

By Barbara Valletto

Do you dream of a lover who can transcend time and place? Who will protect you from harm at any cost? Or avenge you if evil has gotten to you first? Do you believe in total surrender of mind, body,…

Cover of A Belief In Her

Book: A Belief In Her

By Barbara Valletto

Claire McCollum, an American Red Cross Vietnamese Interpreter, and Maggie Calder, a Captain in the USAF, discover love in war-torn Vietnam in the months prior to the Fall of Saigon. Stationed on an air force base in Southeastern Vietnam, the…