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Cover of Dangerous Game

Book: Dangerous Game

By Bel Blackwood

The other woman… is a mob boss?! After Wren’s girlfriend cheats on her and breaks her heart, Wren craves revenge. She’s not going to be a meek little pushover any longer. She’s going to seduce and humiliate the other woman,…

Cover of Smoke and Sugar

Book: Smoke and Sugar

By Bel Blackwood

You can never plan for love. You definitely can’t plan for llamas. Practical, down-to-earth Kaia Kingsley loves life in the rural wilds of New Zealand. Even if country life comes with its own challenges: keeping the bank from repossessing her…

Cover of Always Hers

Book: Always Hers

By Bel Blackwood | Narrated by Amy Deuchler

First loves. Second chances. Three problems. Dani Smith has a problem. Scratch that: this fun-loving lesbian has three of them. First, she wakes up hungover and married in Vegas. Oops. She was only supposed to be in Sin City for…

Cover of Free Flight

Book: Free Flight

By Bel Blackwood

They thought it was just a fling. They were wrong. Introverted screenwriter Layla has one rule: never hook up with the same woman twice. Relationships? No thanks. The thought of letting anyone get too close to her is terrifying. It’s…

Cover of Small Town Sparks

Book: Small Town Sparks

By Bel Blackwood

A Dog Called Bella When hot-headed journalist Amy gets snowed in with ice queen billionaire Morgan, she discovers that there are better things in life than getting the perfect scoop… Smoke And Sugar To save her family farm, small-town farmer…

Cover of A Dog Named Bella

Book: A Dog Named Bella

By Bel Blackwood

One ice queen who likes solitude. One firebrand crashing into her life. One snowstorm trapping them together. Ambitious journalist Amy Kelly has her big break at her fingertips. She’s lined up an interview with Morgan Leithe—THE Morgan Leithe, the self-made…

Cover of Call My Bluff

Book: Call My Bluff

By Bel Blackwood

Never fall in love with straight women. But sleeping with them? That’s another thing entirely… When straight girls want to experiment, cocky butch Dakota is more than happy to show them the ropes. She’ll give them everything they want– except…

Cover of Hoax for the Holidays

Book: Hoax for the Holidays

By Bel Blackwood

The solution? Fake being married to Grace Yates, the frosty CEO whose heart beats to the rhythm of board meetings, not wedding bells. Grace is all crisp lines and cool stares, but she’s not above playing pretend wife for the…