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Author Interview: Brey Willows Chats about Lines of Love

Get ready to learn more about the book Lines of Love in this discussion with sapphic author Brey Willows. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Brey Willows about Lines of Love, writing, reading, and…

All About Lines of Love by Brey Willows

All About: Lines of Love by Brey Willows

Lines of Love by Brey Willows Released: Dec 13, 2022 Genre: Fantasy Romance Why this book and why now? This is the third book in the Memory’s Muses Series, all of which are standalones with crossover characters. Lines of Love…

Cover of Lines of Love

Book: Lines of Love

By Brey Willows

The Muse of Love, Eris Ardalides, is bored out of her mind. Love in this century isn’t real. It has no depth or feeling, and she’s taken herself out of the Muse business altogether. Sex is fine. Love, not so…

Cover of Vision of Virtue

Book: Vision of Virtue

By Brey Willows

Clio Ardalides loves being in the limelight. As the Muse of History and Virtue, it’s her job to share all the laudable traits and accomplishments of the gods, and she’s turned her work into a national television show. For Clio,…

Cover of Spinning Tales

Book: Spinning Tales

By Brey Willows

Something more than the drab existence of going to work and coming home to a cat that barely tolerates her. When she spontaneously replies to a want ad asking for someone to take care of a fairy tale cottage, it…

Cover of Changing Course

Book: Changing Course

By Brey Willows

Her escape pod lands on Indemnion, a planet known for its raw, raucous societies, and Jessa’s top priority is keeping the few survivors with her safe while finding a way back home. That’s when she meets mysterious scrounger Kylin Enderson,…

Cover of Chosen

Book: Chosen

By Brey Willows

Climate change moved faster than anyone anticipated and the Earth, along with many of its inhabitants, is dying. When a military convoy arrives to pick up Devin Rossi and Karissa Decker, along with dozens of other bewildered people, the two…

Cover of Dark Haven

Book: Dark Haven

By Brey Willows

Running an off-grid community for vampires is serious business, and Remy Winslow gives it her all. Weary of the world and its noise, she’s content to live at Dark Haven and away from the public eye after all the work…

Cover of Song of Serenity

Book: Song of Serenity

By Brey Willows

Life was simple when Calliope Ardalides, firstborn of the nine Muses, only had to concentrate on music and justice. But now she’s arbitrating between arguing gods, answering complaints from cantankerous humans irked by how their prayers are being answered, and…

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

Katie Trapp's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…the cake. 4. Dark Haven by Brey Willows The unique world Willows built for this book is fantastic. From the very first page, I was reading it quickly to see what would happen next. The relationship between Sage and Remy…