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Cover of Ghosted Christmas Past

Book: Ghosted Christmas Past

By Bryce Oakley

Last Christmas, I gave her my heart, but the very next day… Well, you know it goes. Merritt Perkins has spent an entire year thinking maybe it was too cliche to be real. Dylan Camber: the cute private chef, and…

Cover of Every Version

Book: Every Version

By Bryce Oakley

Queer Prom-A-Rama is Denver Pride’s biggest event and as one of the head organizers, Lizzie can’t stand the thought of going alone—especially not when she finds out her ex is bringing a literal local celebrity. She’s willing to try on…

Cover of Never Mine

Book: Never Mine

By Bryce Oakley | Narrated by AJ Ferraro

Sure, she’s a soccer star with World Cup trophies and Olympic medals, but she’s almost as well known for her rebellious behavior off the pitch. She’s left enough gorgeous women with broken hearts in her dust to fill a roster….

Cover of Baking Spirits Bright

Book: Baking Spirits Bright

By Bryce Oakley

I have carefully constructed my life plan: Bake my jingle bells off. Win Top Holiday Baker. Open my very own bakery here in Snowy Springs. That’s what I should be focusing on. Not Ariadne—“call me Ari”—Greco, the gorgeous celebrity chef…

Cover of All Aglow

Book: All Aglow

By Bryce Oakley

Cass Sideris loves traditions. She’s trying her hardest to follow in her lawyer parent’s footsteps to make them proud, but in all honesty, the only family customs she truly feels inspired by are the ones that involve cutting down a…

Cover of Undone

Book: Undone

By Bryce Oakley | Narrated by Lori Prince

Billie Rush can’t stop writing pop songs. The kind of songs that her rock band, The Shrikes, would never play. After their successful first album, the pressure for a perfect follow-up is crushing her creativity. Billie’s new songs and sound…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 50: 18 Books on Sale

…such as Addison Clarke, Anna Larner, Jacqueline Ramsden, Stephanie Shea, Laina Villeneuve, Bryce Oakley, and so many others. You’ll find lesfic slow burn, wlw age gap, queer historical fiction, and more with women loving women characters. If you get lost…