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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Ellendale Hungry for It by Fiona Zedde In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze Whatever It Takes by Callie Hall Wolf at the Door by C. A. Hall Taking a Chance on Love by Catherine Maiorisi Wildling’s Claim by C. L….

Cover of A Quantum Singularity

Book: A Quantum Singularity

By C. A. Farlow

In the third book of The Nexus Series, Lauren and Alex’s return from Earth is interrupted by the exiled traitor Gwenhywfach, Chief of Clan Cador. The traitor grabs Alex out of the quantum tubula that connects the two worlds. She…

Cover of A Quantum Uncertainty

Book: A Quantum Uncertainty

By C. A. Farlow

In the wake of the Hebridean insurrection, which threatened the safety and future of her homeworld, Alex of Terra is focused on isolating the conspirators so no further harm can be done. Her soulmate, Lauren of Earth, prepares to become…

Cover of A Quantum Convergence

Book: A Quantum Convergence

By C. A. Farlow | Narrated by Hillary Huber

Lauren Beckwith, scientist and oncologist, works tirelessly to identify corporations responsible for industrial pollution. When pollution shows up in her own pristine Colorado wilderness, her friends challenge her to do something more than merely identify it. With her judgment and…

Cover of The Paris Contagion

Book: The Paris Contagion

By CA Farlow

Global terrorism, bioweapons, despots, and a deadly new virus all combine to make the world an unstable place, particularly for Samantha Michaels, an analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, and for Cassandra Stanley, captain of a US Navy guided missile…