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Cover of Wynter

Book: Wynter

By Cailee Francis

Wynter Collins guards a broken heart. The love of her life called it quits, leaving Wynter along with all the hopes and dreams they once shared. Wynter throws herself into her job at Sparkle and Home. Hard work helps soothe…

Cover of Smitten

Book: Smitten

By Cailee Francis

A writing retreat brings Caitlin and Iris together at a secluded cabin in the mountains. Caitlin is a successful romance novelist and Iris is a struggling veterinary nurse who seeks solace in her diary. They’re both deeply romantic souls who…

Cover of Lady Lust

Book: Lady Lust

By Cailee Francis and Zarla Dawn

Lady Lust is a deliciously-detailed, explicit collection of 10 F/F erotic short stories celebrating the passionate lust (and physical love) between women. 1. Sp*nked and F*cked by My Hot Lesbian Boss 2. Sweetly Seduced by My Lady Love 3. I…

Cover of The Goddess and the Crane

Book: The Goddess and the Crane

By Cailee Francis

The goddess Lirya expected a life of solitude when she moved to the wilderness, settling in a cavern beneath the great Kulanji mountain. Content with her life there, Lirya didn’t pay much attention to what she might be missing, until…

Cover of A Luminous Heart

Book: A Luminous Heart

By Cailee Francis

The loss of the goddess’s emerald heart has doomed the Forest of Grenarion, if it cannot be retrieved. Aiyana, a brave fae woman, is sent to investigate and takes it upon herself to reclaim the heart. If Inaria and the…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

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