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Cover of Worth the Risk

Book: Worth the Risk

By Callie Hall

…are exactly what she needs to get her life back on track. Of course, she didn’t plan on the overwhelming homesickness her move might bring, not to mention the kind woman who happens to live across the hall. Shay’s funny,…

Cover of The Distance Between Us

Book: The Distance Between Us

By Callie Hall

She says our kiss was an accident. She swears it didn’t mean anything. If that’s true, why is she holding my hand? More importantly, why am I still okay with it? Stuck in the friend zone, Madison’s used to Lacey…

Cover of Love Unleashed

Book: Love Unleashed

By Callie Hall

Leah’s at the top of her game and if she sells the Baker house it could mean the promotion of a lifetime. But when a dog tears through the backyard, her dreams for the future run off with the stray….

Cover of Focused On You

Book: Focused On You

By Callie Hall

A twelve-year friendship. A burning crush. Can Taylor convince Charlie to give them a chance? Taylor’s spent the better part of her adult life crushing on a woman she can never have. Her friendship with Charlie is unquestionable, unbreakable as…

Cover of Far From Home

Book: Far From Home

By Callie Hall

Taylor’s spent the better part of a semester doing whatever she can to distract herself from Sam, the amazingly shy Brit who happens to be her college roommate. However, when Sam tells her she has no place to go for…

Cover of Letters to Ariel

Book: Letters to Ariel

By Callie Hall

Journalist Shannon Cartwright’s spent most of her adult life hiding her truth under a mountain of busywork that has nothing to do with dating, romance, or the only woman she’s ever loved. But when Libby hands her an assignment that…

Cover of To Love Again

Book: To Love Again

By Callie Hall

Tatum doesn’t do relationships, unless you’re Rosie, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo living inside Oswald’s pet shop. For years, Tatum’s coveted the bird, but she’s never been able to take Rosie home. Vet bills and feather plucking aside, the attention Rosie needs…

Cover of Whatever It Takes

Book: Whatever It Takes

By Callie Hall

For Emily, writing about love is easy, but experiencing it for herself is something else altogether. This is especially true when the focus of her heart is the same woman she ghosted more than twenty years ago. Sarah is smart,…

Cover of By the List

Book: By the List

By Callie Hall

Adel’s social circle is rather small. Without the fans of her blog, she wouldn’t have one at all. This doesn’t bother Adel as much as it probably should, but with her apartment feeling as empty as her love life, Adel’s…

Cover of To be the Bride

Book: To be the Bride

By Callie Hall

As a glorified romantic, it’s Candice’s job to help brides with their happily-ever-afters, starting with those that walk into her shop. However, when a past client returns from a charity wedding gone horribly wrong, she realizes not all stories are…