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Author Interview: Cameron Darrow Chats about Hall of Mirrors

Get ready to learn more about the book Hall of Mirrors in this discussion with sapphic author Cameron Darrow. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Cameron Darrow about Hall of Mirrors, writing, reading, and…

Cover of Midnight Magic

Book: Midnight Magic

By Cameron Darrow

…love each other, only how. Outcasts, princesses, wizards and more embrace the familiar in the unfamiliar, finding strength in the one force more powerful than even the strongest magic. This comedic fantasy romance is Cameron Darrow’s first standalone novel. For…

KC Luck, Cameron Darrow, and a Dog Named Lucas

…deadline. Whatever your plans this weekend, we hope you have a fabulous one. Learn 5 Random Facts about KC Luck, claim your free book by Cameron Darrow (last day it’s free!), and make sure you scroll all the way to…

Cover of The Raven and the Firebird

Book: The Raven and the Firebird

By Cameron Darrow

“People are frightened, and seek those offering strength. The people need to know that there is more than one kind, and that which we offer is more than guns and tyranny.” As daily life settles in at the EVE Witchcraft…

Cover of Colours of Dawn

Book: Colours of Dawn

By Cameron Darrow

“Few embody change more than you, Doctor Ravenwood.” In a time of new beginnings, the past still holds power over the future. With the EVE Witchcraft Conservatory on the verge of opening its doors, Millie Brown and the newly-minted Doctor…

Cover of The Fires of Winter

Book: The Fires of Winter

By Cameron Darrow

“…there’s a reason witches don’t gather that often. Especially Manifested ones.” “Which is?” “It’s messy.” Three months after the armistice that brought the War to End All Wars to a close, the witches of EVE are still adjusting to their…

Cover of Pax Victoria

Book: Pax Victoria

By Cameron Darrow

For eleven years, the witches of EVE have made it their mission to ensure that the War to End All Wars remains exactly that. So when Svetlana returns home to Longstown with a proposal for a true, permanent peace in…

Cover of Without Words

Book: Without Words

By Cameron Darrow

Words aren’t always easy. Sometimes they’re impossible. Only too rarely are they unnecessary. Long set apart from the rest of her tribe, Zifa’s life of quiet invisibility high in the mist-shrouded trees of the Great Forest has meant the first…

Cover of Hall of Mirrors

Book: Hall of Mirrors

By Cameron Darrow

“…200 years of secrecy, all gone in moments. You chose to use your magic publicly.” “I chose to save the lives of hundreds of people.” The fiery revelation of magic’s existence by the witches of EVE has been met with…

Cover of Remember, November

Book: Remember, November

By Cameron Darrow

Britain may have won the First World War, but the witches of ADAM lost. Now an embarrassment, the Allied Directorate for Alternative Means is to be disbanded and its witches scattered, their lives overturned and shattered once again. Presented with…