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Cover of Body of Work

Book: Body of Work

By Charlotte Mills

London-based abstract artist Noa Stevens has turned her back on the world after too much loss. First her brother disappeared in a storm years ago, then she lost her wife. Noa’s perfectly content to bury herself away rather than face…

Cover of Fair Game

Book: Fair Game

By Charlotte Mills | Narrated by Sienna Frances

What’s a retired cop to do when her lover is being targeted? Helen Taylor pulls on her boots again in this captivating lesbian mystery. A sequel to Payback, this exciting thriller will keep you on your toes. Lexi Ryan is…

Cover of Payback

Book: Payback

By Charlotte Mills | Narrated by Sienna Frances

A thrilling lesbian mystery about trying to right a past wrong…despite the consequences. Detective Constable Kate Wolfe is sent to a Cheshire backwater after falling foul of a disciplinary hearing in London. But before she even has a chance to…

Cover of Out of The Blue

Book: Out of The Blue

By Charlotte Mills

At the age of 32 ecologist Robin Carson has never had a lasting relationship, preferring to spend her time building up her Eco-landscaping business with her colleague and long-standing best friend James. Robin endures a distant relationship with her parents,…

Cover of Latent Memories

Book: Latent Memories

By Charlotte Mills

Landscape ecologist Robin Carson is determined to return to work sixteen months after surviving a near fatal car accident that left her in a coma for twelve days robbing her of the last nine months of her memory. Still suffering…

Cover of Obscured

Book: Obscured

By Charlotte Mills

DS Lucy Fuller is called to a crime scene; a body has been discovered on a farm on the outskirts of the small town of Kingsford. With her boss held up on a court case Lucy is determined to prove…

Cover of Journey To You

Book: Journey To You

By Charlotte Mills

Thirty-four year old Sasha Featherstone has been at a top accountancy firm in the city for almost six years. Unfortunately there is very little else in her life, when her employer is accused of financial irregularities Sasha jumps at the…

Cover of Out of The Blue and Latent Memories

Book: Out of The Blue and Latent Memories

By Charlotte Mills

Ecologist Robin Carson has never had a lasting relationship. A meeting with a new client from York proves interesting when she is introduced to her client’s new assistant. Enter the beautiful but fiery blonde Jamie Buxton. When Robin and her…

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Author Interview: Eliza Lentzski Chats about Lighthouse Keeper

…the added element of making sure everything was historically accurate. Not only did I research how lighthouses work, but I also dug deep into Provincetown’s history, Azorean/Portuguese history and culture, and textile mills in Lowell, Mass. Even with my doctorate…