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Cover of Blue Woman Stories Volume 1

Book: Blue Woman Stories Volume 1

By Cheyenne Blue

…dope grower finds more than she expects in a tropical garden. Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple of many anthologies since 2000. Blue Woman Stories Volume 1 collects together for the first time five of her best-loved stories….

Cover of Blue Woman Stories Volume 2

Book: Blue Woman Stories Volume 2

By Cheyenne Blue

Love triumphs as opposites attract in the Colorado Rockies, an unwitting voyeur has an eye-opening encounter on an Irish ferry, and love takes a lifetime to arrive in the poignant Glory B. Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple…

Cover of For the Long Run

Book: For the Long Run

By Cheyenne Blue | Narrated by Cat Gould

A koala ruined her life. Well, that’s how elite athlete Shan Metz sees it. When an idiot charity runner in a koala suit trips Shan during a community fun run, her knee blows out, destroying her dream of making the…

Cover of First

Book: First

By Cheyenne Blue

A woman sees her lover for the first time after years of blindness. For the first time in her life, a top trusts her girlfriend enough to let her take control. A connection forged in a bar in New Mexico…

Cover of Forbidden Fruit

Book: Forbidden Fruit

By Cheyenne Blue

This collection of seventeen stories charts the spectrum of unwise lesbian desire, gathering tales of women you should resist—but can’t. In Jean Roberta’s Shelter the bad girl’s back from prison. An upper-class lady seduces her maid in Laila Blake’s poignant…

Cover of Party Wall

Book: Party Wall

By Cheyenne Blue

From the moment Freya looks in the window of the brash, new sex shop in Grasstree Flat she knows it will be nothing but trouble. For a start, it will clash with her own new-age store next door. And she’s…

Cover of Never-Tied Nora

Book: Never-Tied Nora

By Cheyenne Blue

Paralegal Nora Kelly loves her carefree London life where there’s always a new woman to seduce. Her big Irish family tease her about her carefree ways, but Nora knows she’s in no danger of losing her heart. Her family has…

Cover of Not So Straight Sue

Book: Not-So-Straight Sue

By Cheyenne Blue

Lawyer Sue is totally, completely straight. Then she meets cute doctor Moni. Things get awkward. And kind of gay. And awkward again. A coming-out romance about small towns and big dreams. “Sorry, I’m straight.” Those words, along with a smile,…

Cover of Fenced in Felix

Book: Fenced-In Felix

By Cheyenne Blue

Felix Jameson is working hard to get her outback hospitality business off the ground. Her work doesn’t leave much time for distractions—and that includes romance. But when she meets Josie, a drifter who asks Felix to board her horse, Flame,…

Cover of Almost-Married Moni

Book: Almost-Married Moni

By Cheyenne Blue

This fabulous sequel to small-town lesbian romance, Not-So-Straight Sue, sees Sue and Moni tie the knot in an outback wedding stuffed with crazy characters and chaos. Three years ago, lawyer Sue Brent proposed to doctor Moni Kratzmann in the corridor…