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Cover of Love is Enough

Book: Love Is Enough

By Cindy Rizzo

…second term in Congress. Can the intense connection they feel keep Angie and Jan together? Only hopeless romantics believe that love is enough. Or is it? From the author of the award-winning debut novel, Exception to the Rule, Cindy Rizzo

Cindy Rizzo Selfie, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

Happy weekend! This is where you’ll find announcements for readers and authors, a weekly Caturday photo, SapphFic Community Bulletin Board, book deals, author selfie, and the guessing game Where in the Heck was TB. Let’s get to it. Here are…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue Speculative Fiction The Papercutter by Cindy Rizzo Pride and Pestilence by Nita Round Arrival by Gun Brooke Mistress of Chaos by Benjamin Medrano In Between by Darby Harn League of Lesbians: Lil by Jea Hawkins and Em Stevens…

Cover of The Miracle of the Lights

Book: The Miracle of the Lights

By Cindy Rizzo

Once there, she faces the challenges of life on the street and must reconcile the insulated world she has known with the new and unfamiliar choices she confronts. But nothing else matters—not the cold, the onset of an illness, or…

Cover of Getting Back

Book: Getting Back

By Cindy Rizzo

Elizabeth Morrison has ascended the ranks of her industry and now runs one of the most successful publishing companies in the US. But even after three decades, she has never been able to get past the devastating end of her…

Cover of Exception to the Rule

Book: Exception to the Rule

By Cindy Rizzo

What will keep you safe—and sane—when you find yourself in a new and unfamiliar place convinced you’ll never find anyone like you? For Robin and Tracy, it’s the rules they set for themselves as they begin their first semester at…

Cover of The Papercutter

Book: The Papercutter

By Cindy Rizzo

A deeply polarized and ungovernable United States of America has separated into two nations—the God Fearing States (GFS) and the United Progressive Regions (UPR). Judith Braverman, a teenager living in an Orthodox Jewish community in the GFS, is not only…

Cover of The Border Crosser

Book: The Border Crosser

By Cindy Rizzo

The story of three teens, members of the first generation to come of age after the United States splits into two countries, continues. When tragedy strikes Judith Braverman in the God Fearing States, Dani Fine is determined to leave the…

GCLS Photos

…from the event. That evening, many of us had dinner together. Starting in the front on the left: Christel Cogneau, Cindy Rizzo, TB Markinson, Miranda MacLeod, Rachel Lacey, KC Luck, Jamey Moody, Kimberly Todd, Ann Aptaker, Catherine Maiorisi, Lydia Stryk,…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 16: 13 Books on Sale

…on sale. The second section is dedicated to sapphic Speculative Fiction stories. 1 of those is on sale. There are some fab options in both sections, including several top names in lesfic such as Jae, Cindy Rizzo, Lily Seabrooke, Carolyn…