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Cover of The Middle of Somewhere

Book: The Middle of Somewhere

By Clifford Henderson | Narrated by Clifford Henderson

Start with one independent, urban lesbian who cashes out her life in San Francisco for a secondhand travel trailer and sets off to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in search of a new life. Add to this a broken-down ’66…

Cover of Maye's Request

Book: Maye's Request

By Clifford Henderson

Freshly out of college and possibly in love, Brianna Bell, aka Bean, worries that she’ll never be able to have a normal relationship due to her screwy upbringing. Her parents form a perfect triangle: Mom, Dad, and her mother’s lover…

Cover of Rest Home Runaways

Book: Rest Home Runaways

By Clifford Henderson

Before she can alert her uber-capable wife, Treat, a trio of lady octogenarians appropriates the rest home van to rescue Mac, embarking on an adventure that makes national news. But Morgan knows something they don’t: Mac is taking orders from…

Cover of Perfect Little Worlds

Book: Perfect Little Worlds

By Clifford Mae Henderson

Portland, Oregon, 1989: Lucy Mustin, living somewhat happily, pumping out wedding cakes for starry-eyed heterosexuals while she, a lesbian, can’t legally marry, is called upon to travel to Santa Cruz to help her autistic sister, Alice, care for their Alzheimer’s-…