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Cover of The Haunting of Oak Springs

Book: The Haunting of Oak Springs

By Crin Claxton

Tony and her Trinidadian best friend, Jade, unravel clues searching for a woman who doesn’t want to be found. Red and Chris are the last two lesbians living on what was once a women’s land farm, oblivious to the secrets…

Cover of The Supernatural Detective

Book: The Supernatural Detective

By Crin Claxton

When Tony Carson wakes to a pretty drag queen perched on her chest of drawers, she thinks she’s dreaming. But it’s Tony’s powers that have awoken, and the ghosts just won’t leave her alone. Struggling with the mystery surrounding the…

Cover of Scarlet Thirst

Book: Scarlet Thirst

By Crin Claxton

Rani is tough and gorgeous, just the sort of woman Rob likes. Trouble is, she’s human. Rani, on the other hand, doesn’t believe vampires exist. But before she can say, “Bite me,” she’s taking a roller-coaster ride from femme on…

Cover of Death's Doorway

Book: Death's Doorway

By Crin Claxton

Tony’s got her hands full, but she’s obsessed with why the prisoner from Holloway can’t rest. Luckily, her trusty drag queen spirit guide is always ready with advice and insults. Tony’s girlfriend, Maya, is worried that the hot new acupuncturist…