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Swipe Right For Love

All About: Swipe Right For Love by Cyan LeBlanc

Swipe Right For Love by Cyan LeBlanc Released: Apr 11, 2023 Genre: Romantic Comedy Why this book and why now? The book was inspired by a friend who is going through the same situation. She’s recently divorced, and her pals…

Cover of Funeral of A Good Girl

Book: Funeral of A Good Girl

By Cyan LeBlanc

Trixi is a pampered rich kid with a carefree attitude, bouncing between living with her mother in New York City and her father in Los Angeles. Her father is a music mogul, so being the daughter of a music mogul…

Cover of Cause & Effect

Book: Cause & Effect

By Cyan LeBlanc

Luisa had just been released from rehab, and she must now resume her life without her closest companion. However, because of her constant obsession with Natalia, starting over is no longer an option. She doubts that she has the strength…

Cover of Swipe Right For Love

Book: Swipe Right For Love

By Cyan LeBlanc

That’s a question Dana is currently asking herself as she battles her way through app-dating hell. After years of being single, she thought she was ready to meet someone new. She was wrong. And she’s tired of swiping right. From…

Cover of Dying To Meat You

Book: Dying To Meat You

By Cyan LeBlanc

Struggling writer Arianta Collins receives the offer of a lifetime: ghostwriting for the renowned horror novelist Katherine Bishop. Excited by the prospect of honing her craft and learning from her idol, Arianta eagerly accepts the invitation and moves to Katherine’s…

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