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Cover of Unbridled

Book: Unbridled

By D. Jackson Leigh

She vows never to give up control of anything in her life until she meets her niece’s sexy horseback-riding instructor and signs up for her own private lessons, and more. Riding top horses on the show jumping circuit and igniting…

Cover of Ordinary is Perfect

Book: Ordinary is Perfect

By D. Jackson Leigh | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

In fact, she bought a rundown farm on seventy acres to retreat from the world and live out her simple, ordinary life. Atlanta marketing superstar Autumn Swan’s world is anything but simple. Constantly plugged in to what’s trending on social…

Cover of Here For You

Book: Here For You

By D. Jackson Leigh

Without the money to buy a new horse, Lacey has no choice but to trust an offer from Double R Ranch to lease one of their best barrel-racing horses. Horse trainer Wil Rivers is working hard to get her family’s…

Cover of Bareback

Book: Bareback

By D. Jackson Leigh

A devastating accident that claims the life of her Olympic-bound mount lands Jessica Black and her new stallion at Cherokee Falls Equestrian Center, where she is teamed up with an arrogant, womanizing trainer. Skyler Reese is a former gold medalist,…

Cover of Long Shot

Book: Long Shot

By D. Jackson Leigh

Equine veterinarian Tory Greyson has always played the safe bet. That is, until she runs into a very cute, opinionated, jobless journalist. The small town of Cherokee Falls is just a pit stop for Leah Montgomery while she figures out…

Cover of Call Me Softly

Book: Call Me Softly

By D. Jackson Leigh | Narrated by Lula Larkin

Abigail Wetherington believes the evil that stalks her family in the streets of London is a sleeping dog come back to bite them. So with her last breath, she implores her beautiful granddaughter, Lillie, to flee to the family’s polo…

Cover of Touch Me Gently

Book: Touch Me Gently

By D. Jackson Leigh

Newly arrived in the small Southern town of Oakboro, Salem Lacy is planning to keep a low profile after an ill-timed step out of the closet cost her the corporate job and high-powered friends she had in Atlanta. That plan…

Cover of Every Second Counts

Book: Every Second Counts

By D. Jackson Leigh | Narrated by Kathleen Wilkins

She’s exactly the type of wild and reckless person artist Bridgette LeRoy has avoided since the senseless death of her brother. But circumstances throw them together, and Bridgette is drawn into a tumultuous ride of attraction, passion, and denial. When…

Cover of Hold Me Forever

Book: Hold Me Forever

By D. Jackson Leigh

Hog-tied by her father’s financial predicament and mental decline, Whit Casey is not happy at being strong-armed to hire Mae, who knows nothing about quarter horse racing, to write for her racing magazine and dot-com. Still, attraction grows between the…

Cover of Dragon Horse War

Book: Dragon Horse War

By D. Jackson Leigh

Society has evolved into one collective belief that celebrates diversity. Luxury credits are earned and spent only after the world population is fed and educated. But when catastrophic weather kills thousands and destroys crops, people begin to look for answers…