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All About: Not in the Plan by Dana Hawkins

Not in the Plan by Dana Hawkins Released: Jan 31, 2024 Genre: Romantic Comedy Why this book and why now? Ever since I was introduced to the magic of espresso, I became obsessed with the beverage. As a teen, I…

Cover of Not in the Plan

Book: Not in the Plan

By Dana Hawkins

Crushed under the weight of writer’s block and a looming deadline, Mack escapes from New York to Seattle. She meets Charlie, a beautiful, generous, nearly bankrupt coffee shop owner recovering from heartbreak. For the first time, Mack has a muse….

Cover of In Walked Trouble

Book: In Walked Trouble

By Dana Hawkins

Today is the day. After checking her salty attitude and grinding for years, bartender Remi James is getting the promotion she deserves. Finally, finally, she’ll be approved for a home loan—her only dream since her unstable upbringing. Remi is floating…