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Cover of When Dell Met Angel

Book: When Dell Met Angel

By Deja Elise

When Dell met Angel almost 10 years ago while selling out her products at a Wellness & Beauty Expo, it was all business. When Angel left to venture out on her own and blaze her own path in the world,…

Cover of V Day

Book: V Day

By Deja Elise

Best friends, Morgan Wright and Valentina (Tina) Brooks have a lot in common. They both love high fashion, grew up as only children, have careers they love, and are absolutely horrible with men. Morgan can’t seem to keep one and…

Cover of V Day II

Book: V Day II

By Deja Elise

After months of Tina’s ambiguous stance on monogamy and the prospect of marriage, Morgan took it upon herself to move their relationship to the next phase. Unfortunately, Tina held fast to her desire to be simply exclusive and Sidney is…

Cover of V Day III

Book: V Day III

By Deja Elise

Morgan’s found what she’s been looking for in love in her best friend Tina. And Despite her long standing stance against monogamy, Tina has found what she didn’t know she needed in Morgan. Tina’s been doing all she can to…

Cover of At the Deep End

Book: At the Deep End: Down Deep

By Deja Elise

Life seldom gives you everything you ask for, but Bri has found everything she’s ever wanted out of love in DeeDee. It’s been a whirlwind of heart decisions after meeting at the deep end of a pool in Miami, falling…

Cover of At the Deep End

Book: At the Deep End

By Deja Elise

The trip takes a turn for the better when she meets the charismatic and flirtatious WNBA player, DeeDee Renier who immediately makes her rethink her life choices. As they find solace for their personal pain between the sheets, Bri dives…

Cover of At the Deep End Deeper

Book: At the Deep End: Deeper

By Deja Elise

Bri and DeeDee are back. They fell in love in the bright and beautiful backdrop of Miami and dived headfirst into a serious relationship following their own breakups. It’s been beautiful, but it’s also been six months since they’ve physically…

Cover of At the Deep End In Deep

Book: At the Deep End: In Deep

By Deja Elise

Bri and Dee met, fell in lust, and threw themselves head long into a committed long distance relationship following a vacation fling on a hot Miami night. For DeeDee it was love at first sight and Bri was just willing…

Cover of V Day IV

Book: V Day IV

By Deja Elise

Tina’s harboring a little secret she fears might have big consequences for her relationship with her fiancée, Morgan. Only Morgan’s focused on her new first love–work and finds herself the object of someone’s unwanted (but not undesired) attention. With the…