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Friday Feels Graphic

Top Sapphic Books, Donna Jay, Freebies, and More

We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate! Find out the top 3 sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about sapphic author Donna Jay, women loving women book freebies, and a beautiful…

Cover of Mistress of Desire

Book: Mistress of Desire

By Ruby Scott

…the third book in the Awakening of Desire series from the best selling sapphic author Ruby Scott. A Lesbian romance novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between – Perfect for fans of Anna Stone, Donna Jay and…

Cover of Tangle of Five

Book: Tangle of Five

By Donna Jay

The second Linda spots an advertisement for an upcoming party, her heart kicks up a notch. When she asks her wife if she would like to attend, Carol is all for it. It’s not just any party, though. It’s exclusively…

Cover of Reflections

Book: Reflections

By Donna Jay

Rachel Buchanan loves making women feel good about themselves. It’s why she adores her job at a plus-size clothing store. Full of confidence and happy with who she is—exactly as she is—about the only weighty matter troubling Rachel is the…

Cover of Ticket to Love

Book: Ticket to Love

By Donna Jay

When Tara’s mother catches her in a compromising position, she’s given an ultimatum—a therapist to help her get over her issues or a one-way ticket to New Zealand. From the moment Tara walks through her door, Kathryn’s ordered life is…

Cover of Corporate Lines

Book: Corporate Lines

By Donna Jay

A couple of nights of overtime go from anything but typical to mind-boggling when a new cleaner arrives at KB Incorporated. The woman’s an enigma, a puzzle Simone wants to solve. From the minute she lays eyes on her, Simone’s…

Cover of New Girl on the Street

Book: New Girl on the Street

By Donna Jay

Electrician Lisa Barnett gets the shock of her life when she glimpses her new neighbour. It’s not just that the curvaceous beauty is up all hours, hauling suitcases in and out of her car. It’s that the mysterious, maddening, probably…

Cover of 44 Hours

Book: 44 Hours

By Donna Jay | Narrated by Emma Wilder

The universe is definitely trying to punish Jennifer Andrews. Her new colleague, Ellaine Baxter, is not only an annoying, ambitious hard-ass, she’s the woman who broke Jennifer’s best friend’s heart. Now, for added torture, they have to drive to a…

Cover of Mistaken Identity

Book: Mistaken Identity

By Donna Jay

On a scale of awkward to totally catastrophic, Kelly Bennett has managed to hit every level of “Oh. My. God.” in just one night. Kelly decides her older, uptight girlfriend Paula needs a bit of loosening up during her birthday…

Cover of The People we Trust

Book: The People we Trust

By Donna Jay

When Soraya Jansen took over the exotic Libellule’s from her boss, she understood two things: The beauty parlour offers certain “extra” services that need to be handled with discretion. And there’s a strict no-fraternising rule between staff or clients. But…