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Cover of Long Distance Loving

Book: Long-Distance Loving

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Keeping the home fires burning . . . . Dorothy Rice Bennett’s sixth lesbian romance novel is a sequel to her last book, LIVES INTERTWINED: Love on Sequim Bay (2020), set in Sequim, Washington, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. LONG-DISTANCE…

Cover of Girls on the Run

Book: Girls on the Run

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

They give each other a passing glance at an Ohio truck stop.Jennifer is driving west, escaping from threatened harm in Pittsburgh. Stacy ishitching to California, running from being rejected as a lesbian by themilitary and her family. Entranced by the…

Cover of The Little Red Barn

Book: The Little Red Barn

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

After five years of wandering aimlessly through the South Seas, tanned, athletic, and wealthy Kate Brighton returns home on a sailboat, docking briefly in Sequim, Washington. Wanting to explore, she hikes down the main street and stops for breakfast at…

Cover of North Coast

Book: North Coast

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Valerie, an aspiring artist, has fled San Francisco following the death of her longtime partner and begun a new life in Eureka, a remote community on California’s scenic North Coast. Val advertises for a roomer and opens the front door…

Cover of The Artemis Adventure

Book: The Artemis Adventure

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

She is barely eighteen and not yet a high school graduate, but Kiki Rodriguez already knows that the South Bronx holds no future for her. Lying on the hot rooftop, avoiding the stifling apartment and a family argument, she stares…

Cover of Lives Intertwined

Book: Lives Intertwined

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Brittany Forrest, animal lover and vet tech, needs a better place to rent in Sequim, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Noticing a for-rent sign, she calls the owner of the large house. Brit, guessing she isn’t the only woman needing a…

Cover of Sunbeams and Raindrops

Book: Sunbeams and Raindrops

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Aggie Hollister feels blessed in her relationship with Wilma Saunders, a semi-retired concert pianist. Two seniors, she tells herself, happy and having a “second-time around” marriage with everything they could have wanted from life and love. Suddenly, a predicament threatens…