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Cover of Cursed

Book: Cursed

By Edie Marr

When Kat Kerrigan is dumped and fired by her ice queen boss in one text, she does the sensible thing. She puts out the call on the group chat and drowns her sorrows with her friends — but things get…

Cover of Wicked Fem

Book: Wicked Fem

By Edie Marr

Slowly, watching my face, she lifts her hands up and I notice those perfect red ovals of her fingernails. She does something behind her head and her hair falls out of the beehive ’do and bounces down around her face…

Cover of Playing House

Book: Playing House

By Edie Marr

When Sasha’s enigmatic and sinfully attractive ex Fox emails her, explaining that she has inherited her Great Aunt Poppy’s gorgeous country cottage in the South Downs, on the condition she lives there for a year with Sasha, Sasha really ought…

Cover of Love Interest

Book: Love Interest

By Edie Marr

She’s my love interest. She’s my biggest crush. Just don’t fall in love for real. When rock star turned actor Lil Carson, starts flirting with me at an audition for my dream movie role, I can’t help flirting back. I’ve…

Cover of Kiss Me Quick Box Set

Book: Kiss Me Quick Box Set

By Edie Marr

A box set of the Kiss Me Quick Series. Three high heat sapphic romances featuring charming sexy women falling hopelessly in love. Wicked Fem I’ve always fantasised about a woman like her Can I handle the reality? A scruffy heartbroken…

Cover of Prisoner of the Witch Queen

Book: Prisoner of the Witch Queen

By Edie Marr

I grew up with Elsin the Witch Queen haunting my nightmares. Nine years ago she gave my mother a terrible choice. She threatened our land with a terrible curse that would destroy us all. The only way to avoid this…

Cover of Bride of Lady Blueheart

Book: Bride of Lady Blueheart

By Edie Marr

I have no choice in the matter. Lady Blueheart chose me and her word is law in her lands. And, I soon discover, in her bedchamber too. I will be taken to her castle, high on the Mountains, surrounded by…

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…and Lise Gold Lianyu Tan, Edie Marr, Nikki Markham, Riley Rose, & Jolie Dvorak Kimberly A. Todd & Sienna Eggler TC Parker, Frances Lucas, Alexi Venice, and Kim Harry Barbara Winkes, Rien Gray, Angela Greenman, and Claire Highton-Stevenson We wouldn’t…

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