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Cover of A Perfect Life and Other Stories

Book: A Perfect Life and Other Stories

By Elaine Burnes

…only this time it’s not a game. From North America’s highest mountain to that quirky town at the end of the hook of Cape Cod and well past the stars beyond, Burnes explores the hopes and fears that drive us…

Cover of Endurance

Book: Endurance

By Elaine Burnes

For five years, Captain Lyn Randall of the Endurance has ferried tourists around the solar system for Omara Tours. Now, as she takes in the rings of Saturn for the last time, she’s looking forward to indulging in simpler pleasures…

Cover of Wishbone

Book: Wishbone

By Elaine Burnes

It’s 2004, the year same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts, the year the Red Sox break the curse, and the year everything changes for Meg Myers. Meg is an animal control officer who doesn’t much like people and doesn’t believe…