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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Smith Gone Was the Glow by Sienna Eggler Venandi by KC Luck Falling for the Fugitive by Lila Gwynn Woeful Pines by S.Y. Thompson Blood Bounty by Elena Abbott The Cure by Kate Hershberger Don’t Dare the Devil by Erin…

Cover of Into Darkness

Book: Into Darkness

By Elena Abbott

Victoria Eurille has it pretty good. Also known as Lady Midnight, she’s said to be the only metahuman who survived the Malice — the event two decades ago that wiped out all the other metahumans. Now, she stands relatively unchallenged…

Cover of Blood Bounty

Book: Blood Bounty

By Elena Abbott

In fields of stardust, freedom is a starship and the coldness of space. The central planets rely on the soldiers of the Terran Dominion to push the lawless to the outskirts of the galaxy. Out there the only laws are…

Cover of Pack of Her Own

Book: Pack of Her Own

By Elena Abbott

Natalie Donovan jumps at a friend’s offer to stay in the family cabin for a month—she desperately needs the chance to get away from, and get over, her messy breakup. She doesn’t count on the owner of the local diner…

Cover of Mate of Her Own

Book: Mate of Her Own

By Elena Abbott

Heather McKenna has no idea how to be a werewolf. Her wolf might be free from its cursed cage but has shut the door between the two of them, leaving Heather still reeling from the emptiness. When Heather discovers her…

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Judy Ramsook, SapphFic News, Caturday, Mega Sale, and More!

…authors who’ve joined the Advertising Pilot Program. Check out these spotlights: K. A. Masters, Lynn Ames, Janet Mason, Patricia Grayhall, and Parker Love Elle Armstrong, Elena Abbott, Leigh Landry, Jo Havens, Laurel Beckley, and Jess Newton Chloe Keto, Skye Von…

Sponsor Spotlight

Spotlight on 6 Fantastical Stories!

…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on books by Elle Armstrong, Elena Abbott, Leigh Landry, Jo Havens, Laurel Beckley, and…