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Cover of The Princess of Dorsa

Book: Princess of Dorsa

By Eliza Andrews | Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Rebellious Princess Natasia has always known that her fate is to marry a man her father can shape into his heir. But everything changes after a would-be assassin nearly takes Tasia’s life. Someone with means and connections is obviously trying…

Cover of To Have Loved & Lost

Book: To Have Loved & Lost

By Eliza Andrews | Narrated by Angela Rysk

Alexis Woods knows who she is — or at least, she thought she did. She’s number 17, point guard, MVP, all-star, co-captain of the Lady Raiders NCAA Division I women’s basketball team. But there’s a darkness growing inside of her,…

Cover of Bigger Monsters

Book: Bigger Monsters

By Eliza Andrews | Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Some zombie apocalypse stories are full of fighting and gore and dramatic battles and narrow escapes. If that’s the kind of zombie tale you’re looking for, look elsewhere, because this is not that story. This is a zombie apocalypse story…

Cover of Reverie

Book: Reverie

By Eliza Andrews | Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Lucinda Hamilton settles down in sleepy Reverie, South Carolina, because she’s running from the troubles of her past. But when her dangerous ex-husband evades law enforcement, she fears that no amount of running will ever make her safe again. Two…

Cover of In the Shadow of the Palace

Book: In the Shadow of the Palace

By Eliza Andrews

Before a rebellious princess fell in love with her guard… Before a kingdom transformed into an empire… Before a war was fought in the mountains of the East… A little girl named Cara was born in a dockside house of…

Cover of Anika takes the long way home up soul mountain

Book: Anika Takes the Long Way Home Up Soul Mountain

By Eliza Andrews | Narrated by Angela Rysk

The last thing Anika Singh wants is to go home to Ohio, but when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, what choice does she really have? She’ll go home if she has to, but she won’t stay long. Because all…

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

Amy's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…story was entertaining. 4. Princess of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews Entertaining story with fun characters. The classic and entertaining forced proximity and bodyguard tropes were quite enjoyable. The main characters were well developed and I rooted for them the whole…