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Author Interview: Ellie Green Chats about Lost Hearts

Get ready to learn more about the book Lost Hearts in this discussion with sapphic author Ellie Green. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Ellie Green about Lost Hearts, writing, reading, and more. This…

Cover of Lost Hearts

Book: Lost Hearts

By Ellie Green

Abby is living her best van life. She eats ice cream for dinner and takes her cat everywhere she goes. Arriving in a tiny town, she makes herself at home on a picturesque river bank. But the local cop has…

Cover of Desert Sky

Book: Desert Sky

By Ellie Green

Ari loves her life on an isolated outback station. The only downside? When the nearest neighbour is hundreds of kilometres away, it’s hard to date. Newly qualified teacher, Grace, can’t wait to start a life away from the town where…

Cover of Strong Hearts

Book: Strong Hearts

By Ellie Green

Seeking refuge from a scandal, Tilly returns to the small farm where she grew up. She expects to find an empty house. Instead, she finds a naked woman in the bathtub. A beautiful, naked woman. Tilly can’t decide if she’s…

Lucky to be Yours All About the Books Graphic

All About: Lucky to be Yours by Shannon O'Connor

…they do? Reese would totally try to plan something for her and Ellie like a nice night in and Ellie would end up coming home with last minute concert tickets. Ellie would feel totally bad but really want to go…