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Cover of The Prince and her Dreamer

Book: The Prince and her Dreamer

By Ennis Rook Bashe

Clara feels stifled by the life that’s been planned out for her, and clings to her only hope that something more might be possible: a mysterious book given to her by her Uncle Drosselmeyer, that recounts the tales of the…

Cover of Graveyard Sparrow

Book: Graveyard Sparrow

By Ennis Rook Bashe and Kayla Bashe

Katriona Sparrow, dubbed the Mad Heiress by most of London’s upper class, is the deceptively fragile ward of a foreign nobleman. She can’t stand making small talk with strangers, but she’s unparalleled when it comes to deciphering the dead. On…

Cover of The Gift of Your Love

Book: The Gift of Your Love

By Ennis Rook Bashe

Neely has always been able to see things—the details others miss, flashes of color that tell her how people feel, and more. She’s been called everything from witch to psychic to freak. But a lifetime of seeing what the rest…

Cover of Clover Highhill Comes Home

Book: Clover Highhill Comes Home

By Ennis Rook Bashe

Clover Highhill was just an ordinary person who lived in a cozy hole in the village and pined after their best friend. Now they’re back from a great quest to destroy an evil mythical artifact, gravely injured in soul and…