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All About Falling For Who by Erika Lee

All About: Falling For Who by Erica Lee

Falling For Who by Erica Lee Released: Dec 19, 2022 Genre: Young Adult / New Adult Why this book and why now? My friend, Sara, who this book is dedicated to, works in education. I’ve been dying to write a…

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All About: 11:59 by Erica Lee

11:59 by Erica Lee Released: Jan 01, 2024 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I thought of the idea for this book while I was listening to Taylor Swift’s Midnights album for the first time. I started…

Cover of Rekindled

Book: Rekindled

By Erica Lee

After getting married right out of college, Jordan and Spencer Barlowe were sure their love would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, life didn’t work out that way and they’ve spent the last ten years apart. The only connection they have left…

Cover of The Perfect Fit

Book: The Perfect Fit

By Erica Lee

After coming out, her overbearing, but loving, family suggests a Pride tour – a different Pride event every weekend of June. Ashton reluctantly agrees but worries she won’t even be able to find her place at Pride. When she meets…

Cover of And Then I Met You

Book: And Then I Met You

By Erica Lee

Have you ever met someone and known from that very first moment that they were going to have a big impact on your life? That’s how it was with Willow Stone. She was that person to me. She will always…

Cover of The Last to Leave

Book: The Last to Leave

By Erica Lee | Narrated by Sara Lobdell

Courtney Fields and Nicole Dawson were high school rivals who thought they would never have to deal with each other again. Eight years after graduating, the two are thrown back together on a trip to Cabo with their two best…

Cover of Falling For Who

Book: Falling For Who

By Erica Lee

Marjorie Madden has it all. She’s been out since middle school, is the most popular person in her grade, and according to her friends could get any girl she wants (even the straight ones). Marjorie isn’t interested in dating, though….

Cover of Her Time

Book: Her Time

By Erica Lee

She adores her moms and her bratty little sister, and since moving to Bellman, has become very popular. Her senior year is sure to hold a lot of excitement given that she is class president and the captain of the…

Cover of Anyone But Her

Book: Anyone But Her

By Erica Lee | Narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Jamie has been there for her through everything. Plus, she’s interested in learning more about the family he never speaks of. Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her…