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All About: The Gaunt by Genta Sebastian

The Gaunt by Genta Sebastian Released: Oct 27, 2023 Genre: Fantasy Romance Why this book and why now? Halloween, Baby, yeah. Never wrote a ghost story and challenged myself to do so. What is a significant way your book has…

Cover of LOST

Book: Lost

By Genta Sebastian

Emerging from a raging blizzard, a strange child appears on Lilith’s front porch. Immune to the cold, Pyry is lost, alone, and very frightened. Can one woman on an isolated farm in northern Minnesota protect this odd little girl from…

Cover of Riding The Rainbow

Book: Riding The Rainbow

By Genta Sebastian | Narrated by Melanie Carey

Lily loves her two out-loud-and-proud moms almost as much as she loves horses, but bullies makes life tough during bus rides, in class, and on the playground. Clara sits across the schoolroom, still as a statue, never volunteering or raising…

Cover of Damn You, Butch Charming

Book: Damn You, Butch Charming

By Genta Sebastian

Her Lesbian Romance pen name is Butch Charming, but Myke Elliott also writes Lesbian Erotica under the name Whoopsie Daisy. Swooning over the author’s picture, her seductive femme publisher insists Myke appear in person to receive a book award. But…

Cover of A Troublemaker Never Cries

Book: A Troublemaker Never Cries

By Genta Sebastian

In this coming of age tale, Traf Mendes, VIP driver for the USAF, finds a surprising number of other young butch lesbians on her small Portuguese island, Terceira of the Azores. They form a group, the Troublemakers, supporting each other…

Cover of M: I'll Know Her When I See Her

Book: M: I'll Know Her When I See Her

By Genta Sebastian

For arrogant butch Ram it’s just another karaoke contest at a local gay bar until a mysteriously beautiful high femme sweeps into the competition. The elegant sex pot with a passion for public sex can sing and if Ram’s not…

Cover of Thanks Flippin' Giving

Book: Thanks Flippin' Giving

By Genta Sebastian

Randi isn’t happy about coming home from college for Thanksgiving, that is until she meets Sydney, her brother’s guest and co-worker, at their parents’ traditional feast. In the closet at work, the pent-up handsome butch needs seducing and Randi is…

Cover of Zooscapade

Book: Zooscapade

By Genta Sebastian

It’s the night of the glamorous yearly Zooscapade when the super wealthy party on zoo grounds. Bud, a mature butch animal trainer, must deal with a spoiled rich college student whose ballgown is accidentally ruined. The pretty femme turns out…

Cover of Sunrise in Paradise

Book: Sunrise in Paradise

By Genta Sebastian

The first day after being stationed on the exotic island of Terceira, USAF First Lieutenant Pat Rowen spies a spectacular sunrise and a vision straight out of paradise. Seductively dancing in the surf to greet the day, a beautiful native…

Cover of The Gaunt

Book: The Gaunt

By Genta Sebastian

Emmaline, a frontier butch burned alive as a witch in 1720, still haunted the place where she was murdered when a young suffragette of the 1920s, Beatrice, tried to help her cross over. They fell hopelessly in love instead. Trying…