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Cover of Flung Out of Space

Book: Flung Out of Space

By Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer

Flung Out of Space is both a love letter to the essential lesbian novel, The Price of Salt, and an examination of its notorious author, Patricia Highsmith. Veteran comics creators Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer have teamed up to tell…

Cover of Stay

Book: Stay

By Michelle Arnold | Narrated by Jacq Ainsworth

Grace Walker doesn’t do relationships. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, she and her siblings looking after each other when their drug-addicted mother couldn’t. With such a dysfunctional family, Grace just doesn’t think she’s relationship material….

Cover of For By Grace

Book: For By Grace

By Adrian J Smith

While kids at the schools Deputy Grace Halling visits see her as the knight in blue-cotton armor, people involved in the cases she is dispatched to have a different opinion. She has every confidence in her ability to do her…

Cover of Slow Burn

Book: Slow Burn

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Tegan Bourke

…stodgy boss takes one look at the fox and gives the idea a big heck no. Lauren the rule-follower reluctantly shows Grace the door. But Grace is no quitter – when it comes to business or the woman who caught…

Cover of Graceful Waters

Book: Graceful Waters

By BL Miller and Verda Foster

…angry Grace meets her match in Carey, the strong and disciplined woman who is determined to help Grace help herself. What Carey is not expecting is that Grace will break through her defenses. Together, they will change each other’s lives…

Cover of Cleat Cute

Book: Cleat Cute

By Meryl Wilsner | Narrated by Dana Varden, Zim Avaltrades

Grace isn’t—a gregarious jokester who plays with a joy that Grace lost somewhere along the way. The last thing Grace expects is to become teammates with benefits with this class clown she sees as her rival. Phoebe Matthews is too…

Cover of pleasure and efficacy

Book: Pleasure and Efficacy

By Grace Elisabeth Lavery

In Pleasure and Efficacy, Grace Lavery investigates gender transition as it has been experienced and represented in the modern period. Considering examples that range from the novels of George Eliot to the psychoanalytic practice of Sigmund Freud to marriage manuals…

Cover of Fallen From Grace

Book: Fallen From Grace

By Adrian J Smith

…protect the innocent. While her comrades in blue are murdered one by one with each passing month, Grace pushes for a call to action from her Captain. Her worst fear has become a reality. Grace doesn’t know if she’s next….

Cover of Unbreakable

Book: Unbreakable

By Cari Hunter | Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

…endurance. But who is Elin running from? As Grace struggles for answers, one thing becomes clear—Elin is somehow connected to a dead man, and Grace could be next. For Detective Sergeant Safia Faris, the case should have been easy: one…

Cover of Broken and Weary

Book: Broken and Weary

By Adrian J. Smith

…for the break, and a new kid crashes on Grace’s couch after being kicked out of her house. Grace can barely keep up. Focused on happy endings, Grace can’t help the feeling someone might break before she can save them….