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Cover of Falling For The Boss

Book: Falling For The Boss

By Grace Parkes

What do you do when your super hot one-night stand turns out to be your new boss? This book is an Age Gap, CEO, Grumpy/Sunshine Romance. Steamy and sweet with a happy ever after. Working as a personal assistant in…

Cover of Boss Seduction

Book: Boss Seduction

By Grace Parkes

Charming handywoman Ally, feels an instant connection with Ice Queen Boss Olivia, but what will it take to break down her walls? Laid-back handywoman Ally finds herself developing feeling for the unattainable city boss, Olivia Jones. After completing work in…

Cover of Breaking The Boss

Book: Breaking The Boss

By Grace Parkes

Happy-go-lucky Charlotte finds herself falling for a regular customer at her Coffee Truck, the renowned and guarded Ice Queen CEO, Anya. Will Charlotte be able to melt her frosty heart before she breaks her own? This book is an Age…

Cover of Chasing The Boss

Book: Chasing The Boss

By Grace Parkes

After losing her job, Natalie Brown bags herself an interview as a cleaner at a thriving business building in the city. After accidentally landing a position as assistant to Ice Queen CEO, Helena Walters, Natalie tries her best to leave…

Cover of Training The Boss

Book: Training The Boss

By Grace Parkes

Frosty Ice Queen Sandy Davis doesn’t have time for anything, other than work and more work. Running her own super-successful business in the city means there is no time for romance. So, what will happen when her new personal trainer…

Cover of Her Demanding Boss

Book: Her Demanding Boss

By Grace Parkes

This is an Age Gap, Ice Queen, Sapphic Romance between a CEO and her work assistant. It is hot and steamy, with a Happy Ever After! After accidentally being caught bad-mouthing her Boss to a work colleague, Emily is shocked…

Cover of Fake Boss

Book: Fake Boss

By Grace Parkes

Ruby finds herself entangled in the enigmatic world of her Ice Queen boss, Leanna Fox. Tasked with the role of being Leanna’s faux date for a high-profile networking event, Ruby soon discovers that navigating the fine line between professional duty…