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Cover of Roller Coaster

Book: Roller Coaster

By Karin Kallmaker

Two very different reasons brought Laura Izmani and Helen Baynor to the Beach Boardwalk for a symbolic ride on the biggest wooden roller coaster on the west coast. They part strangers, but only after sharing an experience that shifted both…

Cover of More Than Words

Book: More Than Words

By Helen West

Olivia Maartens is young, successful, in love and on a book tour in New York City. Right after winning a major award from GLAAD, she gets a call that shatters her world. She quickly descends into a familiar darkness twelve…

Cover of A Silent Song

Book: A Silent Song

By Helen West

Hayley Paulson is the star of her performing arts school. She’s heading into her senior year brimming with confidence. She doesn’t expect a new girl to turn her world upside down. Taylor Bennett is an insanely talented musician and their…

Cover of Anam Cara

Book: Anam Cara

By Helen West

Zoe has left her, and Beth isn’t sure how to cope. Issues that Zoe had helped her with start to creep up again and on top of everything, Caleb is acting really strangely. She can’t stop thinking about Zoe and…

Cover of The Lonely Wolves Club

Book: The Lonely Wolves Club

By Helen West

Zoe is left to fend for herself after her parents are brutally murdered by another wolf. She struggles to navigate the world around her as a young alpha wolf with no pack, and with no interest in the human world….

Cover of The Distance Between Two Hearts

Book: The Distance Between Two Hearts

By Helen West

Olivia and Rowan attempt to navigate the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Olivia has to worry about her ex potentially threatening what she’s built with Rowan and the small emotional progress she made in New York. Rowan is so…